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Our Services

Gynaecology Consultation

Provide gynaecology assessment related to female pelvic floor, continence, recurrent urinary infection, menstrual disorders, menopausal issue.

Pessary Fitting

If suitable following assessment, we could fit various types of vaginal support pessary for vaginal prolapse

Urodynamics Investigation

Following conservative treatment or previous surgery, we could arrange investigations to evaluate cause for incontinence, discuss conservative measures and suitability for surgery

3D perineal Pelvic Floor USS

Sometimes 3D/4D pelvic floor ultrasound is performed to complement pelvic floor assessment.

Surgery For Prolapse & Incontinence

We offer various types of surgery for prolapse and incontinence, depending on your pelvic floor status and your unique situation.

Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery

We also offer minimally invasive surgery, including use of Da Vinci robotics (hysterectomy & sacrocolpopexy)




Being informed and ownership of decisions

After comprehensive assessment, we discuss findings often using leaflets and diagrams before discussing treatment options. We are always looking for an individualised solution


Keeping in contact

There are so many reasons why we keep in touch. Often it involves face-to-face consultations, but it could also entail email and phone contact.


Up to date treatments

Being involved in research and education puts us at forefront of latest innovations, technologies and developments in medical knowledge.

Why choose us?

We understand female pelvic floor issues. We have experience and are up to date with current research and technologies. We listen and we are attentive  to your needs.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm

joe lee

Joseph Lee is a sub-specialist in urogynaecology (sometimes known as female pelvic floor medicine and reconstructive surgery) as well as a general gynaecologist.

He trained in Auckland NZ, UK, Sydney before settling in Melbourne, where he has public appointments at Dept Urogynae Mercy Hospital for Women Heidelberg, and Pelvic Floor Clinic Monash Moorabbin for 10 years. He now has appointments at St Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst Sydney.

His commitment to research is demonstrated through published peer reviewed papers and book chapters, invited presentations, teaching workshops at national and international meetings, main investigators in several clinical trials and is an active member of the IUGA (International Urogynaecology Association).

He offers services in female pelvic floor medicine and reconstructive surgery, which includes urogynaecology and urodynamics testing for patients with pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, in addition to general gynaecology.